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Toadfish Outfitters x LC Non Tipping Can Cooler – Standard

$31 $27.90

Toadfish Outfitters x Luke Combs Non Tipping 12 oz Drink Holder
-Standard size
-Laser engraved logo

-Smart grip-  Patented smartgripTM technology makes it hard to tip, easy to lift!

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Toadfish Outfitters x Luke Combs, Non Tipping 12 oz Drink Cooler
-Standard size
-Laser engraved logo

Patented technology from Toadfish Outfitters, the Non Tipping Drink Cooler sticks to any hard service, holds your drink and it wont knock over! Stick it to your boat, your truck or table and watch your drink stay up-right!

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Weight 11 oz