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Trilogy Candle Set


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The Trilogy collection continues with one of Nicole’s favorite products on the line, The Trilogy Collection Candle Set. Including a 9 oz. glass candle with a tin lid in a custom cardboard printed box, this will be the perfect gift for your Forever After All…

  • Beautiful Crazy ┃Heart on Your Sleeve + A Coffee
    Her day starts with a coffee, and she sure does wear her heart on her sleeve. Her Beautiful Crazy is a combination of roasting coffee, light vanilla, sweet brown sugar, and chocolate.
  • Better Together ┃Match Made in Heaven + Magnolia Oak
    Some things just go better together, and some things are made Better Together, like the combination of magnolia and oak.
  • Forever After All ┃Moonlight Dancin’ in Your Eyes + Bergamot Tobacco
    They say nothing lasts forever, but Forever After All will linger long after the new wears off, with the scent of bergamot tobacco, patchouli, and aged barn wood.

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Weight 11 oz